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Larry Henry

Larry Henry

We ask, once again, for your contribution to raise funds for research to find a cure for this rare, devastating form of epilepsy. Dravet Syndrome is characterized by frequent and prolonged seizures, developmental delays, and an increased risk of death (15-20%) prior to adulthood. Treatment options are limited. Brynn, now 7, has struggled valiantly against this disease. She has participated in 2 FDA sponsored drug trials, but neither drug was effective for her. Brynn has many seizures each week, but remains a fun loving child who lives each day to the fullest while battling this devastating condition.



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Recent Donations

1. JMJack & Jackie Moore
Sending warm thoughts to such a brave little girl. Love, The Moores
2. BFBob Stofft Family
Our Hearts are with you Brynn and Family. We hope each day is better for you.
3. DDon and Jo Ann Vodegel
Brynn's Bunch are by far the BEST. Best Wishes for a very successful fundraising event. Let's BEAT this.
4. LWLaura Welle
5. TCTom And Carol
6. LHLoren Henry
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