Greenwich Turkey Trot

Dash for Dravet on Turkey Day
November 22, 2018



Before the feast, get your family and friends together for our
~3rd annual~
 Dash for Dravet on Turkey Day!


This is a virtual 5K so it can be accomplished anywhere in the United States

Run, walk, jog, roll or treadmill at your pace/
Burn off calories before the big meal!

Greenwich Biosciences employees can register for FREE!

Get your friends and family to join you,
make sure they select "runner" when registering!
Registration is $30


Once you register, you will receive your custom bib and medal!



During registration you will have the option to "Run for a Dravet Child",
if you select YES....a child with Dravet Syndrome will also receive a medal!

Proceeds benefit the Dravet Syndrome Foundation
whose mission is to raise money for research into Dravet Syndrome
and related childhood epilepsies while helping afflicted individuals and their families. 


Turkey Fun Fact: Wild turkeys have very powerful legs and can run at speeds up to 25 miles per hour. Their top speed in flight is 55 miles per hours! 


Teams and Walkers

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